Smart Start Meals will be the Okanagan’s best provider of Convenient, Delicious, Ready-to-Cook meals. We will offer a nutritious, cost effective alternative to fast foods, eating out, and last minute grocery store shopping.

As working parents, Ken and Susanne often found themselves asking the question "What should we have for dinner?" at the end of an already busy day. When they were growing up, dinner was always on the table.

Today our faster paced lives complicate dinner time, so they decided to build a business that will help families and other busy people get more time to connect at home.

Smart Start Meals is about creating a sense of ease around the dinner table, so that you don’t have to worry about how to provide a good meal; which helps to give you peace of mind throughout your entire day and week.

Our mission at Smart Start Meals is to help our clients eat delicious, nutritious meals in a less hurried way, while they reconnect with their loved ones around the dinner table.

Smart Start Meals will free up valuable quality time and support healthy eating habits. We will introduce our customers to more nutritious eating alternatives, while giving people the satisfaction of still “cooking at home”.

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