Twice-baked Potato Casserole for 2 - $14.00

Potatoes baked with crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, green onions, mild salsa and sour cream
Cooking time 45 minutes - Oven

Cooking Instructions

Food Safety Tips Prior to Cooking:

Store in freezer until 48 hours prior to cooking.
Set in pan & thaw in refrigerator.
Cook to internal temperature of 74C/165F.

Cooking Instructions:

Preheat Oven to 375'F
Gently massage Ziploc bag to mix ingredients. Pour into a greased baking dish and gently stir if needed.
Bake in preheated oven, uncovered, for 45 minutes or until bubbly and potatoes are tender.

Nutritional Information

Per Serving: 399 Calories; 24g Fat (51.9% calories from fat); 16g Protein; 33g Carbohydrate; 3g Dietary Fiber; 55mg Cholesterol; 873mg Sodium.

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