(according to recent surveys)

When it comes to meal planning, a survey found that over one-third of Americans decide what they will be eating at the last possible minute. An online survey of almost 53,000 people also revealed that only 6 percent based their meal selection upon nutritional value and around half admitted to zoning out in front of the television while eating.

Families who regularly share meals together tend to have children who have higher self-esteem, more resilience in the face of problems, and better interactions with their peers. These findings are the result of a three-year study of 40 families with pre-adolescent children.

Researchers found that 11- to 18-year-old children who ate meals with their families consumed higher amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains and nutrient-dense foods than those who ate separately. Further, children who ate at least seven family meals per week ate less snack foods than children who ate fewer family meals.
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*information extracted from www.mercola.com (quotes from Time Magazine)

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