Smart Start Meals Terms & Conditions

To ensure the safety and quality of your Smart Start Dinner packages, Smart Start Meals requires that you read and agree to the following prior to ordering:

  • I will be present to receive the delivery of my dinners on the date, time and location I have chosen, or will make alternate arrangements with Smart Start Meals.
  • There will always be unforeseen circumstances that might require cancellation of an order. I understand that Smart Start Meals purchases and prepares the necessary perishable food ingredients upon receiving customer orders, and CANNOT return that food.

  • If I need to cancel, Smart Start Meals will issue a full refund if cancellation is made prior to ordering the goods necessary to prepare my dinners. For any cancellations received after that time, Smart Start Meals will credit me with an equivalent dinner package for any future order, or issue a refund of 50%.

Food Safety:

  • After receiving my order, I assume full responsibility for the proper storage of all my dinners from Smart Start Meals, and will follow all storage, thawing and cooking instructions provided with my dinners.

  • I will either store my dinners in a freezer or refrigerator after receiving my order.

  • I will cook my thawed Smart Start Dinners to the recommended minimum internal temperature of 74 C/165 F within 2 days of thawing.

  • I understand that Smart Start Meals will not guarantee that its dinners have not come in contact with peanuts or other allergens.

  • I understand that any nutritional details provided by Smart Start Meals are solely for informational purposes. The information is approximate, and may vary depending on adherence to preparation instructions. If I am following strict guidelines for medical or dietary reasons, I must consult my doctor regarding nutrition.

  • I agree to release Smart Start Meals from all claims, damages and causes of action or liabilities which may arise as a result of my preparation, storage and consumption of Smart Start Meals food.